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Welcome to the 2019 catalogue of Escorted Tours, which marks the first end-to-end review of our
offer of tours after the take-over of the well known Gartour by Destination Italia, the incoming
specialist controlled by lastminute.com group — one of the leading online travel companies worldwide
— and Intesa Sanpaolo, the largest bank in Italy and among the most successful in Europe.
You will find the traditional tours that thousands of travelers have been enjoying every year since
a long time, as well as new itineraries to take visitors through some of the most well known places
— like Apulia, that for the first time we have been able to insert in our program in a unique o_er —
as well as more secret jewels of the most desired country to visit of the whole world; all with the
best quality you can find, based on a scrupulous selection of hotels, tour guides and transportation
partners, to allow travelers to enjoy their holiday safely and with full comfort.
As usual, we deal with pleasure with any special request that we may receive, be it a special program
pre or post tour, a private itinerary, a group or a tailor made program: just let us know and we’ll
cater for it.
Enjoy Italy - our country, your destination.




Destination Italia / Gartour

Destination Italia / Gartour



Our country, your destination.

Gartour Destination Italia is a DMC with innovative ideas. Thanks to our management and highly professional staff, we are devoted to bring you the best and most competitive prices while still providing personalized and tailor-made service for groups & Fit in leisure,business & Incentive segment. Sightseeing and guided holidays tours expand the product.


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