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ITB Berlin 2020 ITB Berlin 2019


Iman Khomeini Blvd Lavasan No. 688, 1st Floor, NajarKala


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +98 21 26566026
Fax: +98 21 26565994

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Specialist Tour Operators of Iran in Trekking, Cycling, Skiing, 4X4, Road Trips and Desert Adventure Tours

Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel known as Adventure Iran is an Iranian adventure tour operator established in 2006 and fully licensed by Iranian Tourism Board.

Our activities vary from long-distance trekking, desert crossings, ski touring, trekking in nomadic areas, 4x4 desert expedition tours, high-altitude Ultra-Trail races, e.g.. Our routes mostly pass through rural and authentic regions to experience their culture, food and way of life which also will benefit local economies directly and sustainably.
We were the first Iranian member of the international ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association). We work with travel agencies in many countries like Austria, Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovenie, Spain… We have just put in place a trade representative (English/French speaker) for Europe based in Paris.

In addition to being a regular participant of ITB Berlin we also take part in other adventure travel exhibitions like for example the Salon du Randonneur in Lyon (France).
In summary our company has extensive experience in adventure tours assisted by a team of expert guides in various fields. We respect our local communities and the natural environment, thus we strive to offer most enjoyable and unforgettable experiences that our beautiful country, Iran, has to offer.