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ITB Berlin 2020


1st Floor, No. 688, NajarKala, Iman Khomeini Blvd Lavasan


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Specialist Tour Operators of Iran in Trekking, Cycling, Skiing, 4X4, Road Trips and Desert Adventure Tours

Adventure Iran is the brand name of Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel, established in 2006. We are a fully licensed tour operator under the Iranian Government’s Ministry of Tourism (N° 982/126/476). The company is also an active member of ITOA (Iran Tour Operators Association). We are an adventure travel company for people who would like to experience something different. The company’s founders have had a mix of international travel experiences on the ground, as well as working for tour operators as guides and in organisation. Our company has extensive knowledge in operating adventure tours using specialist expert guides. We respect local communities and the natural beauties of Iran. As the result of years of effort we have become the leading brand for unique travel experiences in the country.

We were the first Iranian member of the international ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association). We work with travel agencies in many countries like Austria, Belgium, China, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Slovenie, Spain… We have just put in place a trade representative (English/French speaker) for Europe based in Paris.

Adventure Iran is the only Iranian cycling tour operator. We offer a wide range of high quality tours t-for the cycling enthusiast. We use good quality Mountain Bikes for all our trips. We cycle on backcountry paved and dirt roads as well as single track cycling through mountains and deserts. We are also a bile rental company. We work with many major European biking tour operators.
Trekking is our most popular and most requested activity. Since 2006 Adventure Iran has organized desert treks, long distance camel treks in Dasht-e Kavir desert. We also offer for example, Island trekking in the Persian Gulf, treks with nomadic tribes, crossing the high altitude Alborz Mountains from Tehran to the Caspian Sea.

Iran has vast deserts and they are some of the main highlights of the country. Our 4x4 desert trips offer camping and walking in the heart of these fascinating places. Crossing the Dasht-e Lut, which is a UNESCO heritage site and the hottest desert in the world, is one of our main tours. Every night we stay in a different camp so we are able to see a huge variety of landscape and features that only exist in this desert.

As a specialist tour operator we have our own customized cultural trips that are a combination of short and easy sporting activity, like cycling or trekking, combined with a visit to Iran’s cultural/historical highlights. This is a unique product of our company. These trips include little known remote villages, accommodation is a mix of renovated historical houses and Caravanserais.

In summary our company has extensive experience in adventure tours assisted by a team of expert guides in various fields. We respect our local communities and the natural environment, thus we strive to offer most enjoyable and unforgettable experiences that our beautiful country, Iran, has to offer.


Mike Eskenasi

Managing Director
Geschäftsführer, Vorstandsvorsitzender
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Bernard Phelan

European Marketing Manager
PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektmanagement
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