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ITB Berlin 2019


Rådhusbregge 3
0116 Oslo

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Sightseeing For You !!

Norway Yacht Charter & Boat service Sightseeing Ltd is the largest operator and owner of fjord cruises, sightseeing boats and ferries on the Oslo fjord. Our fleet consists of classic sailboats measuring between 20 and 35 meters, exclusive entertainment ships and sightseeing boats. Our boats are booked by Norwegian and international travel agencies for corporate meetings, during conventions and conferences and sightseeing for groups between 8 and 600 guests.
Experience the beauty of the Oslo Fjord passing through narrow sounds, idyllic bays and a maze of islands with small summer houses on our 2hrs Sightseeing Tours or the Evening Cruise with on board Shrimps Buffet. You’ll sail past numerous islands, including Hovedøya, the Dyna Lighthouse and the Oslo Opera House (designed by the architectural firm Snøhetta AS winning an architectural competition in 2000. It was officially opened on 12 April 2008. The building has received many awards). Then the boat will pass close to the peninsula of Bygdøy, with many interesting museums such as the Kon-Tiki Museum-Houses with exhibits from the expeditions of Thor Heyerdahl, Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Maritime Museum, Fram Museum and Norwegian Museum of cultural History.
We employ about 30 new young people on our boats each year. These receive basic maritime training and experience, including official security training costing app.