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For a TMC, corporate travel agent and corporate solution provider QuadLabs has an online solution that takes care of the varied requests coming from their corporates. They can process and manage corporate enquiries and bookings with ease. Corporate employee profiling, travel policies and approval structure can be very well defined.


ITB Berlin 2019


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QuadLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

QuadLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd.



Software for Growth

QuadLabs is a premier travel technology company based out of India with offices in Brazil and UAE. It empowers B2C Retail Sale, B2B Reseller, Tour Operator and Business Travel globally. QuadLabs completed 12 years in the industry and has over 90 customers globally. QuadLabs understand the needs of the travel market in diverse geographies and are uniquely equipped to deliver best in class products with the shortest time to market. Its products help their customers automate their business processes, optimize revenue stream and enhance their customer service experience.

‘XChange ERP’ being the flagship product of QuadLabs, is implemented both on cloud and enterprise platform. It is the most comprehensive and stable travel distribution platform for travel intermediaries and powers some of the largest online travel companies in the world. It equips them with the ability to sell across multiple sales channels like B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B and Call Centre/Front desk. It provides online booking interfaces for Flight, Hotel, Car Rentals, Sightseeing, Transfers, Travel Insurance and Holiday Packages. It is integrated with more than 130 various suppliers including all GDSs.

Mobile apps based on Android and iOS platforms are also available through which online users can do bookings. The app has respective booking engines, connected with the backend system, that fetch the travel content and pass it to the mobile interface after the applying defined business rules. Users can then book and pay in a simple, easy and user friendly booking process.

Various interfaces/ Modules provided in XChange ERP are-

Mid-Office- The most important module of XChange is Mid-Office which is a “Central Booking Handling Interface” where bookings are received from various sales channels, processed and fulfilled (manual and automatically) along with document delivery to the customers. It has an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management tool, Booking Management, Agent Management, Supplier Management, MIS Report & Reconciliation interfaces. Users can create and apply complex business rules thus ensuring minimum price to the customer and maximum earning to its own company.

B2C Booking Interface- This is an online responsive booking platform made available to retail online users. Multiple products can be booked through their respective booking interfaces like Flight, Hotel, Car, Transfers, Sight- Seeing, Travel Insurance and Holiday Packages. It is multilingual and multi-currency.

B2B Agent Dashboard- This is an online responsive dashboard for B2B agents through which they can manage their businesses online. They create branches, roles and sub users (B2B2B). They can make payments to the travel agent against their credit limit/ deposit, can also define mark up and commissions.

Travel Management Solution- Travel management system empowers Travel Management Company to automate their process to fulfill travel business need. Travel agent can manage corporate profile, corporate policy compliances, approval workflow and corporate credit & deposit policy.

Hotel Contract Management and Distribution System- This interface deals with negotiated contracts with direct hotels. These contracts are loaded into CMDS which in turn provides inventory to the respective sales channels. This is an important tool for aggregators and consolidators to manage hotel inventory and sell to other agents.

Flight Inventory Management- This interface manages and distribute flight inventory through multiple sales channels. It provides functionalities to automate the distribution and price fluctuation depending upon the market demand.

Package Management and Distribution- This interface helps travel management companies to manage predefined FIT and Group packages with the combination of different components, services, categories, package type and costing.


ITB Berlin 2019

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