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ITB Berlin 2020


Casino Building, Willindgon Island
Kochi 682003


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Experience Hotels

CGH Earth is a five-decade long experiment in hospitality. Our properties both preserve and reflect the cultures they are born from. Nothing has been added that does not already belong, because nothing more was necessary. The result, we like to believe, are experiences as immersive as they are authentic. Every CGH Earth Experience rests on a set of non-negotiable core values. These values provide, not just the invisible pillars on which our efforts stand, but also serve as a daily inspirations, made visible in hundred little details. CGH Earth believes that it is these details that collectively create the singular mosaic that is a ‘CGH Earth experience’ in itself. 

CGH Earth is a family run enterprise providing authentic experiences of true Indian hospitality, Ayurveda & Heritage through responsible tourism initiatives. Local experiences and a sense of place are at the core of our business identity. Our stake holders, whether guests, employees, tourism industry or local community, identify us as representing the heritage of the place where we are located.  

Started in 1954 with Casino Hotel in Willingdon Island, Cochin, CGH Earth now own & operate “experience hotels” including Spice Village, Coconut Lagoon, Spice Coast Cruises, Marari Beach Resort, Brunton Boatyard, Kalari Kovilakom, Kalari Rasayana, Chittoor Kottaram, Eighth Bastion, Beach Gate Bungalows and David Hall Gallery in Kerala, SwaSwara and Vanavasa in Karnataka, Visalam in Tamil Nadu, Maison Perumal and Palais de Mahe in Pondicherry.

CGH Earth is the recipient of several awards of excellence from the State & Central Governments for tourism, environment and heritage protection. Some of the prestigious international awards received include the Green Globe Awards from the World Travel Mart  and PATA Gold award for the Corporate Environment Program in 2011. Spice Village in Thekkady has won the 2009 PATA GRAND Award for Environment and the Wild Asia Award for responsible tourism in 2007.