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The Busy Rooms CRS is a complete revenue, distribution and marketing solution which optimizes the sale of rooms for the hospitality industry while serving online sales channels with relevant product.

Our cloud based CRS which houses all our modules is an extremely flexible and feature rich platform which can be customized to your exact needs.

Our modules:
  • Central Reservation System - All our technology products are housed in our all in one Central Reservation System.
  • Call Center Module - Input your phone reservations into the system and automatically update inventory levels and automate guest confirmations.
  • Internet Booking Engine - Enable customers to book accommadation or dynamic packages including flight, transfers, tours and activities with your room.
  • Channel Management - Distribute to an unlimited number of online travel agencies, tour operators and wholesale partners.
  • GDS Connectivity - List on the Global Distribution System to take bookings from travel agents and other B2B partners all around the world.
  • Content Management - Store all of your descriptive text, images and videos in one platform for easy management and distribution.
  • Finance Module - A fully flexible invoicing, payment and commission processing module designed to interact with your accounting system and simplify daily routines.
  • Content Management System (CMS) - Easily manage and update your website, no matter whether is a micro, template of custom design website.
  • Revenue Tool - Automate your pricing and gain data and analytics to better set your rates, availability, restrictions and content.
  • Rate Shopping - Monitor your competitors’ rates and get average market pricing information for specific locations.
  • Reputation Management - Monitor your customer reviews and reputation across multiple platforms from one place.
  • Loyalty Management - Monitor and configure your loyalty program to ensure high levels of repeat customers.

Group (multi-property) Tailored Technology

The following custom solutions are also provided:
  • High volume / group hotel product
  • Group level channel management
  • Custom branded and customized central reservation system
  • Interface to other hotel systems (e.g. loyalty and PMS)
  • Custom solutions for hotel websites, mobile and social media
  • Fully outsourced distribution management
  • Full invoicing, payment and commission processing


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Busy Rooms Limited

Busy Rooms Limited



Central Reservation System - Technologie für Hotels und Vacation Rental

Busy Room is a 360 degree central reservation system designed to help both accommodation providers and online sales channels to gain access to hundreds of partners through a single contact. Customers can easily and efficiently exchange all relevant content and reservation data required for the optimal sale of rooms online.

In a nutshell, Busy Rooms offers a complete revenue, marketing and distribution service, which optimizes the sale of rooms for all market participants. With Busy Rooms you really just update one and be done:

Unique Selling Points (USP’s)
  • Experiences matter to us - Focused on creating hassle free experiences for our Customer and our Customer’s guests.
  • ​Adaptable - Resort specialized but hotel and vacation rental certified. We have the ability to tailor our solutions to your needs!
  • Flexibility - Business models that work for you! SHARE, RENT or BUY the choice is yours!
  • Community - We work with our partners and share development cost on new projects, which enables us to deliver new and even sexier experiences faster.
  • Central Reservation System
  • Call Center Module
  • Financial Module
  • Internet Booking Engine (accomadation only or dynamic packages with flight, transfers & excursions)
  • Channel Management
  • GDS Connectivity
  • Content Management
  • Revenue Tool
  • Rate Shopping
  • Reputation Management
  • Website Design
  • Loyalty system
  • Online Marketing Services
Group (multi-property) Tailored Technology
  • The following custom solutions are also provided:
  • High volume / group hotel product
  • Group level channel management
  • Custom branded and customized central reservation system
  • Interface to other hotel systems (e.g. loyalty and PMS)
  • Custom solutions for hotel websites, mobile and social media
  • Fully outsourced distribution management
  • Full invoicing, payment and commission processing
  • Revenue Management - A one on one service to develop and advise you on how to maximize the revenue of your property/properties.
  • Web & Mobile/Tablet Site Design - From basic “lite” websites all the way up to custom solutions, we are flexible to meet all budgets and can build for mobile and tablet devices too!
  • Search Engine Optimization - Improve your organic search result rankings and boost online exposure with our custom SEO consultancy services.
  • Pay Per Click / Cost Per Click Advertisement - Dedicated account management and expert knowledge in order to develop successful campaigns to drive more direct bookings to your own website.
  • Metasearch and eBay Listings - Placement of your available rooms on metasearch platforms & eBay to create awareness and direct bookings to your own website.
  • Contracting to third party sales channels - A customized service to select the most suitable channel on which to sell your rooms. Simply have one contract with Busy Rooms and connect to an unlimited number of channels that we have partnerships with.


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