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Our cloud based Channel Manager brings all the online distribution channels in a single point of control effortlessly.  With Channel Manager there is no need for manual updates anymore. It offers automated, real time updates on availability and prices.

  • Avoid overbooking
  • Automated room and rate management
  • Cloud Based; no installation required
  • Vast choice of online distribution channels
  • Fast & reliable
  • Save time and administrative costs
  • Check performance and health of each online channel from a single dashboard
  • Simple and intuitive calendar consilidating all reservations
  • See which booking channels are delivering the most revenue for your hotel
  • Get Deep integrations with the worlds's top PMSs






All the online distribution channels in a single point of control

Octorate is a successful start-up bringing travel technology to everyone. Our cloud based tools, facilitate hoteliers around the world to manage their workload more effectively. Our range of software answers all kind of hotel requirements intuitively and efficiently. We have the appropriate package for small and middle sized properties. Octorate was born from the idea of proposing a solution that would bring together the most advanced technologies and offer an alternative to the systems used the big integrated hospitality chains.

Octorate offers an integrated solution for accommodation facilities to manage the business of  online booking from the positioning of their offers on over 120 international platforms (Booking, HRS, Expedia, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and many more) thus ensuring the autonomy of hoteliers in the selection of the most efficient and profitable booking channels. To this, Octorate supports an expanded range of services for the management of the reservation and all related activities that enable individual hoteliers with a higher autonomy and efficiency in enriching the offer of even smaller facilitied. More than 7,000 accommodation facilities have to date used this solution by managing over €500M of online reservations and other services that the Octorate proprietary technology offers.

The company solutions aim to make it simple, fast and effective the facility management and to optimize the marketing of any accommodation offer: hotels, b&b, farmhouses, apartments, etc. The Octorate solution is able to provide a single centralized calendar to manage attendance, prices and availability of all booking channels. The ultimate goal is to simplify and speed decision making and update operations, avoid overbooking and increase sales.

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