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The ContactInSky solution is a platform for customer support, sales activities, debt collection and marketing campaigns. Skype for business and Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration enable easy and fast user request processing. Recognition of incoming calls and callers accelerate agents’ work in the customer service. The “click to dial” functionality for outgoing calls enables users to work in only one application. Based on this integration, e-mail management, social engagement and incoming/outgoing calls automation, all activities are saved into the CRM, which enables easy and detailed reporting from the CRM system.

The ContactInSky contact centre is designed as a central place where users can get information on related activities, but also perform some of the activities required. Some of the business benefits resulting from implementation:
• Improving and providing consistent quality information to users
• Enabled communication with the persons that are best addressed in a specific area
• Improved productivity, better access and better records
• First call resolution increased
• High take-up of channel-shift and self-service.

The ContactInSky solution is entirely based on Microsoft technologies and it functions as an upgrade to existing products. Apart from the user interface that enables the agents to operate it in a simple and fast manner, the application consists of the server portion, which contains the logic of incoming and outgoing calls, and the supervisor interface, which controls and monitors
the operation of all agents. Apart from phone calls, the ContactInSky system integrates other communication channels and monitors integrally all the activities through various channels.

The main functionalities are:
• Omnichannel: Phone, Email, Web chat, Facebook, SMS, Viber, Skype ...
• Automatic recognition of the caller by phone number or e-mail address
• Automatic call forwarding based on defined algorithms
• The possibility of e-mail segmentation according to different criteria
• Mail-flow according to segmentation criteria and agent skills
• Preferred communication
• Skill-based routing
• Estimate of the required contact centre capacity

ContactInSky - telephony
• Automatic caller identification by phone number or e-mail address
• Automatically open caller information
• Quality call evaluation
• The ability to record the reason for calling and converting it into a case
• Automatic call routing based on defined algorithms
• Forwarding calls to another agent
• Displaying missed calls
• An option of preparing a conversation script for contact centre agents
• Recording all conversations ContactInSky – mailing
• The possibility of e-mail segmentation according to different criteria
• Multi-language communication
• Skill-based routing: language knowledge, experts for a specific area
• Mail-flow according to segmentation criteria and agent skills ContactInSky – wallboard
• Used to display information about the current contact centre status and to supervise agents

Control panel
• Information on ques, agents and calls is available on the control panel the entire time

Contact Centre reports
• The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system allows users to easily use all types of reports and thus browse and analyse data in a simple


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InSky Solutions d.o.o.

InSky Solutions d.o.o.



We are living CRM philosophy

We are living the CRM philosophy, so we are not only selling and deploying our solutions, we are using it together with our customers, and in doing so, we are improving our solutions every day. Customer testimonials show how really big our role is in their business success and satisfaction of their customers. Personalized solutions for each customer, power to understand and to create solution according to specific requirements provide unlimited opportunity and keeps our happy customer focused on their clients, not on the business processes alone.
Our satisfied customers, our highly motivated, enthusiastic, talented team with strong desire to win, and our creative business solutions based on CRM that is horizontally and vertically catalogued are the key elements of our success and achievements. InSky solutions have broad market potential, and we are already helping different customers with their different needs. Instead of expensive and complicated software, InSky is creating very simple but complex business solutions based on trusted and accepted Microsoft products you already know and love.

To play the biggest role in the business success of our customers and in satisfaction of their customers.

Digital transformation of companies into client-centric leaders.

Instead of just implementing organizational CRM, our solutions are targeting a business unit level. This approach creates solutions that are simple, easy to use and provide results that will be quickly evident. Idea is that everybody can find, try and buy our solution. This kind of CRM can later be an example of implementing a global CRM in the whole organization and will help to avoid obstacles that were already solved.

Personalization of each customer, power to understand and create solutions according to specific requirements provide unlimited opportunities, keeping our happy customer focused on their clients, not on the business processes any more. InSky business solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 are the key elements of the successful business philosophy in modern organizations.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Use digital intelligence to reimagine what is possible for your business. Dynamics 365 unifies CRM and ERP capabilities into applications that work seamlessly together across sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials, marketing, and project service automation. Start with what you need, add applications as your business grows. Rethink what is possible for your business when you:
  • Better engage customers
  • Empower employees
  • Optimize operations
  • Reinvent products and business models

InSky Solutions company achieved global success, winning the prize for Best Cloud Service for Horizontal Markets at the EuroCloud Europe ceremony held in Brussels at the end of October 2017. EuroCloud Awards is a competition that identifies the most innovative and influential service providers for 2017. The InSky Solutions company also won in this competition and proved its superiority with its solutions.

Only a few days before the EuroCloud Awards competition, the Best Stay conference was held in Split, during which our effort, ideas, innovation, work and, ultimately, our product were recognized by a reputable jury and we received the award for the Most Innovative ICT Hotel Solution.

In March 2019 InSky got Highly Commended award selected from IT Europa, European IT&Software Excellence Awards in 2019. The European IT & Software Excellence Awards have been designed to recognize and reward excellence in European software development and IT and Telecoms solutions provision.

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