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El Salvador, Ministerio de Turismo


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ITB Berlin 2019


Alameda Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo y Pje. Carbonell, Edificio Carbonell 2
1101- San Salvador
El Salvador

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EL Salvador, Great like our people!

El Salvador is a country of great natural diversity that also enchants its visitors with its immense historical and cultural richness and the welcoming smile of its people. El Salvador offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to engage in nature related activities, climbing volcanoes, surfing in the warm beaches, hiking in forests and national parks, and relaxing with the beauty of breathtaking scenery.

El Salvador is a charming, exceptional and authentic destination that welcomes its visitors with unique opportunities of contact with the local culture, tasting its exquisite gastronomy and reveling in its impressive traditions.
General information about the country

Official name: Republic of El Salvador
Capital city: San Salvador
Government Republican, Democratic and representative
Territorial extension: 20,742 km2
Population: 6,757,408 hab. Aprox.
Currency: US Dólar
Languaje: Spanish, english is spoken almost at all the touristic destinations and “nahuat” is spoken by some native villas
Religion: Most of all is Catholic, or Christian.
National Bird: Torogoz (Momoto Cejiturquesa )
National Flower: Izote flower (Yuca Guatemalensis)
National Tree: Maquilishuat (Tabebuia Rósea family of Dignoniageae)
Time: GMT-6
Electricity: 110 volts AC, 60 Hz y 220 volts.
Airport: El Salvador International airport (Comalapa)
Main Seaport: Acajutla
Main Exports: fabrics, coffee, sugar and shrimp.
Climate: Warm all over the year, rainy season betwee may to octuber.
Geographical position: El Salvador is located at the southeast of Central America over the shore of pacific ocean.


El Salvador