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Manavgat Side Touristischer Hotelierverband


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ITB Berlin 2020


Side Mah. Kazim Karabekir Cad. 10
07400 Manavgat/ Antalya

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Side Tuder was founded in 1996 to open up communications between hotel, motel and holiday village owners in Side and Manavgat region by bringing them together under the same flag, with the aims of devoloping solutions to common problems of the region; ensuring an united action in marketing and promotonal activities concerning the region; taking interest in the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the region and organizing activities related to these objects; entering into coordinated cooperation with municipalities and public institutions; arranging the best and most effective methods to promote the region domestically and internationally; protecting the enviromental balance of the region and preventing environmental pollution; aranging seminars, conferences and other activities in cooperation with the all kind of associations,unions, foundations and public and private instutions; carrying out joint activities with the Tourism Ministry of Turkey, touristic enterprises and travel agencies in order to support and encourage domestic and foreign tourism. Side Tuder, is directed by the Board of directors which consists of Hotel owners and general managers. The president of the association is Cengiz Haydar Barut from Barut Hotels Group, since the year 2000.

Side tuder is participating aproximately 30 tourism fairs and exhibitions both home and abroad every year, since it has been founded, and promoting the region and the member hotels whose numbers reached up to 125. The association is relaesing catalogues, booklets, maps, posters, cd's and other promotional materials about the region and the hotels. The official web site of the Side Tuder, www.sideguide.net is the biggest portal whisch has all information about the region and it's relaased in Turkish, English, German and Russian language.The studies and activities to solve the environmental problems of the region is continuing without intermission. Due to the efforts in environmental issues, The association was given several domestic and international awards. Side Tuder is also organizing cultural and artistic activities such as festivals, concerts, dance shows, theatre shows especially in Antique Side Theatre, and seen as main sponsor in all cultural activities organized in the region.