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ITB Berlin 2019


Matice hrvatske 4
HR-21204 Split-Dugopolje

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Northern Sunshine Farms d.o.o. manages Katarina hotel, modern and luxuriously hotel furnished with 181 accommodation units and 403 beds, including 7 spacious suites and 5 junior suites, are specially designed to meet the needs of sophisticated and modern guest.

Being only 15 km from beautiful coast of Dalmatia and only 1 km from the highway entrance, Katarina Hotel is your opportunity to impress your partners, employees and associates.
Katarina Hotel is specialise in delivering outstanding meetings and event facilities throughout our stylish collection of Croatian hotels. Our flexible spaces are ideal for meetings, conferences, social gatherings and training sessions, and with a host of locations to choose from we guarantee you’ll find the perfect solution. Our brilliant chefs design bespoke menus, we pour inspiration and creativity into our breakout sessions and our dedicated meeting planners take care of the finest of fine details. That’s why we’re one of Croatian's most respected meetings and events providers. Why not check out how we can help you ensure that your next event is the best one yet?

We also cater for groups of 10 to 400 guests. We are happy to accomodate the trip that is perfect for your group needs and interests. This can be a family group, students group, professionals and team building, friends party, adventure group or special interests groups. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, and we are ready to serve your group holiday needs.
Katarina hotel has achieved growth in all key business indicators since 2009 and the last year, with 60.000 thausant overnight stays, guests from all over the world, but mostly from Spain, France, SAD, Canada, Deutschland, Finland, Japan, Korea, China, and we made the best results ever. This is a result of a long-term investment and hard work.

Northern Sunshine Farms d.o.o. is planing to open tourism agancy by the end of March 2019. and built tourist villas on island Mljet and Dubrovnik and glamping resort in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2021.