Siavash Amirahmadian

ITB Networker von Rismoun Travels

Incoming tours manager
Administration, Geschäftsführer
Adventure Travel

Unit8, No.12, Shohada alley, Mirzaye Shirazi St. Tehran, Iran

Telefon / Fax: anzeigen
Telefon: +98 21 8870 5898
Mobil: +98 912 278 7436
Fax: +98 21 8870 6870

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    Rismoun is a new brand of an experienced travel agency, Risman Karaneye Roya, in Iran who is providing tourism services since 2016. In Rismoun, we believe to know our beloved country, its historical monuments, and amazing nature. So, we are ready to provide the best quality tours for travelers with different tastes. Our expert tour leaders speak in English, French, German Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese,.. We know all common and uncommon attractions. Have a great partnership with airlines and railways companies. Know the most authentic accommodations and eco-lodges Working with professional drivers who know the roads, as well as variety of best quality vehicles. Payment Methods At Rismoun it is possible to pay a deposit and pay the rest in cash when you are in Iran Different Itineraries You can start and end your tour at any city in Iran; whether Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and … We offer different types of tours like cultural, historical, wildlife, nomad, adventurous, and health tours. It is possible to have a combination of some of these. If you are visiting Iran for any other reason than leisure, like business or taking part in seminars and conferences, you can enjoy our dedicated services for this type of travels, like a translator. In addition, you can benefit from one-day tours in cities like Tehran, Mashhad, and other cities. We also offer other travel services, including visa, travel insurance, and airport transfer.

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    Quick response If you want to make any changes in our prepared plans, we offer you a tailored one as soon as possible.