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Suhaila Yousef

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Golden Globe Tours

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Suhaila Yousef

Founder, General Manager
Berater, Direktor, Expedient


Ansprechpartner von Golden Globe Tours

Al Ersal St.
Ramallah, West Bank 972

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: 0097222401878
Mobil: 00972599296511
Fax: 0097222401879

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Golden Globe Tours is a travel agency based in Ramallah - Palestine since 2000. We specialize in airlines sales, services and promotion of international inbound and outbound tourism. We aim to give our customers a journey that is free of the hassle of planning. That is why we arrange the trip from A to Z and make sure they get the best experiences. Our services are provided all around the globe, with utmost loyalty and devotion to our customers. We dedicate our time and attention to ensuring complete satisfaction with our products. Our products: Exploring Palestine: - Escorted Tours Palestine & Beyond This is a unique opportunity and the best way to explore the most remarkable cities, sights and life in Palestine and its neighboring countries with affordable prices. - Pilgrimages Tours : Muslim & Christian Pilgrimage is a very important aspect of Palestinian identity, since it is considered the cradle of Abrahamic religions and birthplace of Jesus. We provide pilgrimage tours that take our customers on deep spiritual journeys uncovering deeper truths and meaning in their faith. - Cultural & Historical Tours Palestine is a haven for culture and history. The country is filled with historic sites that can leave you in awe for the entire trip. It also boasts of delicious food, vibrant festivals, old towns, welcoming local people and a love for traditions. We offer our clients customized tours that allow them to experience all these aspects all over Palestine. - Hiking Tours Uniquely diverse, Palestine’s landscape is in itself an enchanting tourist attraction that combines deserts, mountains, rivers, forests, and rocky valleys. We provide different tours into the wilderness of Palestine. Nature lovers will find many hiking trails and picnic areas awaiting them. - Beyond Palestine Customized tours for FIT”s and groups to Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt.


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