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Responsible and Sustainable Travel


There are many projects in India and the developing world being carried out by communities, individuals and social enterprises that are genuinely working at the grass root level. Travel Responsibly and Sustainably is a consortium of many such projects that have come together on one common aim: to promote genuine projects at the ground level, contributing to the community growth and overall improvement.

To integrate, map and present best case practices from India, Indian Sub continent and the developing world on socially sustainable and responsible projects.

In 2019, we will showcase TourEast, a division of banglanatak dot com. banglanatak dot com has been working with communities since 2000 and their TourEast division is also quite a known project in the field of ICH and Responsible Tourism. TourEast promotes cultural tourism destinations of rural Bengal and Goa and offers authentic experience of heritage traditions and simplicity of rural life. TourEast aims at engaging local communities in promoting cultural tourism thus ensuring economic benefits to the local people, strengthening community identity and pride and increasing local ownership on natural and cultural resources. The villages of folk, visual and handicraft artists are perfect retreats for domestic and international visitors. The tours include visiting artists’ homes, learning their stories and traditions, attending workshops, seeing community museums. We invite art lovers, researchers, students, institutions interested in field trips, academic visits and placing interns, photographers, and young professionals from other sectors, including the corporate world, to visit these heritage-based cultural tourism destinations. One may like to plan 2-7 days tour. TourEast promotes destinations where one can experience local art and culture, led by the communities. In West Bengal, there are 20 such destinations. About 60-150 families live in each village, and they are bearers of a particular traditional art & culture - may be folk music or handicraft. Each of this village has a Folk Art Centre, which also has furnished rooms for tourists. Each of these destinations has its own annual Village Mela celebrating their heritage, between October and March. TourEast has developed a strong network in Goa promoting Responsible Tourism in Goa.