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ITB Berlin 2020


Jerningham Court, Corner of Jerringham and Ross Street
Trinidad & Tobago

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Tobago beyond - unspoilt * untouched * undiscovered

Tobago is naturally unspoilt and untouched, with a vibrant, authentic Caribbean culture - just waiting to be discovered. An elongated oval of just 41 by 14 kilometres, Tobago manages a surprising diversity within her beautiful coastal fringes. Rich in natural allure - deserted palm-lined beaches, glowing coral reefs and a wealth of lush rainforest - the island offers something for every taste. Its greatest appeal, however, is that it's a place where locals and tourists co-exist in an easy equilibrium, with everyone frequenting the same beaches, bars and restaurants. The island's overall vibe is overwhelmingly laidback and relaxing, and celebrations such as the Easter Goat Races are attended by more Tobagonians than tourists, while local culture is honoured at the annual Heritage Festival each August. The friendly mentality here is best expressed at Harvest Festivals, where entire villages open their doors to revellers.
Physically, Tobago is breathtakingly beautiful: beaches are pristinge and the landscape is left largely to its own devices. The flat coral and limestone plateau of the southwest tip has fantastic white-sand beaches, while the Caribbean coast boasts a string of spectacular shorelines.
Strong currents off-shore provide excellent surfing possibilities and the island's waters are a terrific place to learn to dive. Experienced divers enjoy plenty of drift diving and snorkellers find many perfect spots, too.
The central Main Ridge mountains shelter the Forest Reserve - the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere - an abundant tangle of mist -shrouded greenery that offers wonderful hiking and birdwatching opportunities.
Tobago boasts a wealth of accommodation, from small-scale guesthouses to holistic havens, eco-hotels and full-blown beach resorts.
The options for "liming" - relaxing with friends, usually over a drink or meal - are endless. There is a vast variety of restaurants and a vibrant nightclub scene to chose from - a great way to get in touch with locals and live the Caribbean lifestyle.


Trinidad & Tobago