12 Ergebnisse

  • Ryan Haynes

    ITB Networker von Haynes MarComs
    Lead consultant - Marketing Communications PR
    Berater, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter
    Helping technology and business services companies in the travel, tourism and hospitality space raise their profile and build a name int he industry to increase credibility, reputation and commercial opportunities.
  • Masters Degree Isabelle Grechi

    ITB Networker von E-HTL VIAGENS ONLINE
    Neuer Business Manager
    Bereichsleiter, Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Wir sind bestrebt, starke Betreiber in ihren Märkten und mit Verkäufen für alle zu bereisen. Inhalt mit 4000 brasilianischen Hotels in direkter Verhandlung, Integration mit eigener API. Executive Taxi in 250 Städten, kommerzielle Busse in 4500 Städten, Touren und Aktivitäten in mehr als 3500 Städten.
  • Andrei Balanean

    ITB Networker von Safenames Ltd
    Berater, IT, Projektleiter
  • B.A. Stefan Fattinger

    ITB Networker von Tourismusverband Urlaubsregion Vitalwelt Bad Schallerbach
    Leitung Gästemeldewesen, eCoach
    Bereichsleiter, Projektleiter, Sonstiger Mitarbeiter
  • Jerzy Biernacki

    ITB Networker von Miquido
    Head of R&D
    Direktor, IT, Projektleiter
    Shaping bold visions into reality. As a head of R&D I’m responsible for Miquido AI team and managing research on new technologies, feasibility studies and prototypes development. I’ve worked on several dozen projects for many top global and local brands, like UMG, Onkyo, HelloFresh, Aviva or Play. What I love about my job is the ability to stay up-to-date with the most promising emerging technologies and the possibility to work with clients on shaping their visions of innovative products a…
  • Ana Ristic

    ITB Networker von FOGG TRAVEL CLUB
    Senior Corporate Travel Manager
    Geschäftsführer, Projektleiter
    DMC, Hotels, Bus transfer companies, Hotel GDS DMS/MICE services in Serbia
  • Ago Kikas

    ITB Networker von DenEesti Ltd
    Geschäftsführer, Projektleiter
    We do search for new business cooperation opportunities to expand our service profile in the region. We do offer wide variety of tourism related services in Tallinn. Main focus is on cruise clients.
  • Adrien Bernal

    ITB Networker von ShareGroop
    Senior Partnership Management
    Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    At ShareGroop, we are offering Innovative payment solutions integrated to the booking process of our partners (in travel, transportation, accommodation, events or even retail). Our solution include Split payment, Installment Payments, Digital Gift Card, Group Service solutions, Viral Booking, Pay later, etc. We aim at delivering the most convenient (and thus best converting) payment service to the right customer seamlessly. At ShareGroop, we are offering Innovative payment solutions integrated …
  • Johannes Crilly

    ITB Networker von Spherie UG
    Project Developer
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Tourism Boards Virtual Reality desitnation marketing plattform. Skyride is the next level in destination marketing in VR. Our unique solution let's viewers experience 3DOF content in with 6DOF. This is a whole new way to experience 360° film and to inspire your guests in a new level of immersion. If you are curious or having a hard time picturing that - let's get together at ITB so you can see for yourself how Skyride can set your content appart from the rest.
  • Johanna Mayrberger

    ITB Networker von Westerland.dk
    Marketing und Projektleitung
    Administration, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter
  • Dominik Strobel

    ITB Networker von Blue Planet Limited - (Representing EyeFly Video System & South Pacific Tourism Organisation)
    Managing Director
    Direktor, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter
    tourism sales, marketing and destination management
  • Christoph Bartelmus

    ITB Networker von Eyeled GmbH
    Geschäftsführer, IT, Projektleiter