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4 Ergebnisse

  • Sales & Marketing Manager Barbara Barbieri

    ITB Networker von TradOnline Translation Agency
    Sales & Marketing Manager
    Companies in need of translation or transcription services We offer translation, proofreading, transcription, video subtitling and other linguistic services.
  • Muhammad Fakhri bin Khazali

    ITB Networker von Tourism Terengganu
    Assistant Director (Promotion)
    Administration, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation
  • Bettina Klos

    ITB Networker von KLOS to YOU
    Business Manager Mallorca
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse, Projektmanagement
    golf players, groups (MICE) for the ROBINSON Clubs in Spain and Portugal, cooperation partners for the clubs, VIP´s for photo stories and PR, new clients, sales, turnover, new marketing tools companies they want to start their business in Mallorca Business Management to get into the market in Mallorca PR and Marketing for hotels and resorts big network in the hotel business and golf business (DACH) beautiful fincas for golf and leisure groups in Mallorca great hotel connections in Mallorca…
  • Musti SABRA

    ITB Networker von Crete Wine Escapes
    Owner at Crete Wine Escapes & La Grotta Wine Hotel
    Looking for outbound Travel Agencies interested in Crete as a destination. We plan cultural and wine multiday tours including accommodation, transport, tours and concierge service for individuals and groups.