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  • Ricky Bell

    ITB Networker
    Director Sales & Marketing
  • Festivals of Culture, Tourism and Gastronomy

    The attractions in Mozambique are not limited to nature resources, beaches and wildlife. Visitors can enjoy the interraction with the cultural expressions throughout the country visible during the various Festivals, the music, dance and the food are some of the attractions of these events.
  • International Tourism Expo

    FIKANI is the Mozambique International Tourism Expo. It takes place every year in Maputo,during the month of October. The event attracts both local and international exhibitors and visitors.
  • Mozambique Tourism

    Mozambique Tourism Authority (INATUR) is a government institution created by Decree 36/2008 of 17 September, with a mission to promote Mozambique as a tourist and investment destination, to power the quality of touristic services rendered in the country ensuring the integrated development of areas of tourist interest. The Republic of Mozambique is located on the southeast coast of Africa. It borders with Tanzania to the North, Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe to the West and with South Africa and Sw…

    Mozambique Tourism (INATUR) is a government organization and it is responsible for the promotion of the development of tourism through marketing, technical and financial assistance to local operators, ensures the standard of quality of tourism accommodation, training and provision of assistance on undertakings of tourism interest. Main object is to make Mozambique a world class destination. Mozambique is known as the pearl of the Indian ocean, Mozambique's total area adds to 2.750km of coas…
  • Training Support

    INATUR's major prerogative is to support Training in Tourism Sector in Mozambique. Among many training programmes that it has developed, the organization and realization of short courses constitutes one of the major vectors of intervention. In recognizing that tourism is a multi-sector issue that implies direct coordination among different stakeholders from the public, private, community sectors and many international agencies, INATUR has been working towards the strengthening of activitie…