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  • Assam Bengal Navigation

    ITB Berlin 2019
  • Vladimir Chebanov

    ITB Networker von "World of adventures" Firm on tuorism & expeditions
    Adventure & Responsible tours and expeditions in the Russian Far East
    Looking for stable partners for organizing individual programs or tours for small groups in adventure tourism and for expeditions in the Khabarovsk Territory and the Far East of Russia. I am looking for interested television and media companies for organizing filming wildlife films and expeditions for photographers in the Far Eastern region of Russia. I offer individual tours or programs for groups of tourists up to 6 people. Guided tours in the Khabarovsk Territory in hiking, rafting, canoeing…
  • General Manager Anddy Fong

    ITB Networker von Batam View Beach Resort
    General Manager Resort
    Island, Resort, Vacations, Beach, Spa, Golf, Green resort, Family getaway, company retreat, Company outing and team building, Sports. 1. Stay 7 nights pay 5 nights 2. Long stay minimum 15 nights above, special price.
  • Mishra Sidheswar Kumar

    ITB Networker von Assam Tours & Travels
  • Chairman Ashfaq Ahmad Malhotra

    ITB Networker von Highland Holiday Home Park (Pvt) Ltd
    Chairman wants
    We are looking forward to Welcome European Tourists and Visitors.
  • Ashish Phookan

    ITB Networker von Assam Bengal Navigation Co. Pvt Ltd
    Managing Director
    Administration, Direktor, Vertrieb/Sales
    Ganges River Cruise, Brahmaputra River Cruise, India River Cruise, River Cruise in Asia,
  • "World of Adventures" Firm on tourism & expeditions

    Russische Föderation
    ITB Berlin 2019
    We are a small family company based in Khabarovsk, Russia. Since 2001 we "make" adventures and invite people into the Wilds. The main distinguishing feature of our tours and expeditions is autonomous multi-day travel in the wildlife of the Russian Far East. We have professional training in tourism, various types of outdoor activities and survival. The company and guides use only modern highly technological outdoor equipment. We prefer to work with individual tourists or small groups. This is th…