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16 Ergebnisse

  • Ali Abbas

    ITB Networker von Trango Adventure Pakistan
    Marketing Manager
    Bereichsleiter, Vertrieb/Sales
    Trango Adventure Pakistan is a Registered and Licence by the Government of Pakistan. We are one of the oldest Tour Operator of Pakistan. Over the last 40 years we have developed a deep understanding of the main sights & attractions, Conditions, hotels & lodges, trekking and Tour routes throughout Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan. Guided, Treks-Tours-Expeditions-Safaris - Festival and Cycling Holidays In Pakistan.
  • Mag. Eliana Bakiri

    ITB Networker von Travel in Albania
    Product Manager
    Administration, Expedient
  • Albania DMC Balkan Tour Operator

    ITB Networker von Albania DMC Balkan Tour Operator
    Albania DMC Balkan Tour Operator offers Leisure and Mice Services in the Balkan Region: Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece
  • Alkida Dede (Product Manager)

    ITB Networker von Tradition and Adventure
  • Hotel General Manager Martin Gjonaj

    ITB Networker von Te Stela resort
    Hotel General Manager
    Tour operator outgoing

    ITB Networker von JONA TRAVEL DMC - Lufthansa City Center
    CEO of Jona Travel DMC - Lufthansa City Center
  • CEO Shamshad Hussain

    ITB Networker von Expedition Asia Trek & Tours
  • Erand Jucja - Operations Manager - Good Albania - Incoming Tour Operator

    ITB Networker von Good Albania - Incoming Tour Operator, specialist in Albania & Macedonia
    Operations Manager
    1- Looking for Tour Operators , Travel agencies/agents and Wholesalers with the intent to extend their offering in the Balkans. 2- Travel writers and bloggers searching for experiential tourism . 3 - Tourism Networking Organizations 1- Themed itineraries : Local Cuisine - Gourmet, Cultural, Adventure, Sailing. 2 Consultancy and all tourism services in the Balkans. 1- Fly & Drive, Group Travel and Special Interest tours in the Balkan Region : Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herz…
  • Jimmy Lama

    ITB Networker von Tours Albania & Balkans
    Bereichsleiter, Vorstandsvorsitzender
    CEO & Product Manager Tour Operators , Networking, Outbound Companies Albania & Balkan - Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo; Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece - Culture & Eco Tours , Archaeological Tours, , Religious Tours, Tailor made tours etc.
  • Managing Partner Ornela Lilaj

    ITB Networker von Gaia Travel & Events
  • Dorien Malaj

    ITB Networker von Sondor Travel
    Managing Director
    Bereichsleiter, Geschäftsführer
    International Tour Operators and OTA interested in expanding their travel services in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro Sondor Travel, since 1991, provides travel services and products (Active & Cultural Tours) to European and Asian travel companies and individuals in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.
  • Enver Mehmeti

    ITB Networker von Albtours D
    General manager
    Outgoing & Incoming tour operators, Hotel and Accommodation providers, Incentive organization, DMC services, balkan Tailor made tours all over Balkan, Guaranteed departures, accommodation services, Transfer services, multilanguage guided tours