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  • Hotel manager Maitsetseg Jugdernamjil

    ITB Networker von Undur Ulaan travel LLC- Red rock resort
    Hotel manager
    Administration, Vertrieb/Sales
    Mongolia MICE Terelj Accommodation, venues, outdoor sport fields, outdoor event field, bar, food, tours (adventure, gastronomic.,)
  • Annika Ojasaar

    ITB Networker
    Project Manager & Marketing Specialist
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Projektleiter
    DMC-s, DMO-s and Media contacts for further cooperation. All information (and entrepreneurs contacts) about the second largest city in Estonia and it's near by attractions. Tartu is a city with a rich history, cultural and natural heritage, an inventive and creative future. It is a perfect destination for all: from families to single travelers.