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  • Antoine Collas

    ITB Networker von HAPTAG / Toinou1375
    CEO & co-founder
    Blogger, Geschäftsführer
    HapTag Media is a social company, founder of the first travel channels bundle on Instagram: the Vacations network. We’re a key Instagram media gathering more than 2 millions of travelers looking for travel inspirations. Thanks to our 15 active destination channels (Europe, Asia, Paris, Italy, Africa...) we inspire our community with real travel stories and daily engage over 500,000 people. Let's meet and have a coffee to exchange about how our media could be a strong lever to promote yo…
  • International Manager Camille ESMIEU

    International Business & media manager
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation
    Hotels, Restaurant, Tour Operators, Tourism offices Visibilty on our leading FRENCH SPEAKING GUIDEBOOK, website and application 8 millions pages seen / months 4 millions books sold in 2015 12 millions apps downloarded since 2013 75 000 facebook fans >> A direct B to C impact. And 40 years of experience + trust