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  • Anna Hawkins

    ITB Networker
    Product Manager
  • Gaganpreet Singh

    ITB Networker von Mountain Homestays
    Sustainability Leader
    Travel and tourism partners in Europe, Responsible tourism platforms, Travelling consultant, Bloggers, CSR investments for rural development, Rural Tourism Hospitality experts/partners, Consultation for village economy and women entrepreneurship, On-ground Partners in Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Patagonia, Sumatra, Colombia, Guatemala, Cameroon, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Offers Cultural immersion tours, Responsible tourism, Home-stay experiential tours, Bud…
  • Purnima Thakur

    ITB Networker von APS4 Advisory & Analytics LLP
  • Sarthak Vidyarthi

    ITB Networker von TLI Travels Private Limited
    Co founder & Director
    We are looking for companies catering to foreign travellers visiting India. If you're a DMC, tour operator, travel insurance or hotel serving tourists visiting India, you'll be interested in our services. We offer the services of TLI - India's first and only tourist support product. We prepare travellers for any travel emergency in India and make sure they have a hassle-free Indian experience. We cover what travel insurance companies, destination management companies and tour operators don’t.