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  • Availpro Smart Channel Manager

    Smart Channel Manager by Availpro allows the hotels to manage their online distribution from a single planning. They can easily administer their distribution websites (IDS like Booking.com, Expedia, etc.), their GDS channel and their booking engines in real time. With the central inventory managed by the Smart Channel Manager, the hotel can then distribute their entire availability to all channels, with no risk of overbookings. As soon as a booking is made, the vendor website notifies Availpro…
  • Marko Ayling

    ITB Networker von Vagabrothers
    Producer & co-host
    We are looking for tourism boards and brands who wish to sponsor our upcoming season. We are currently planning episodes for Summer, Fall and Winter 2015. We also function as a production studio and can create made-to-order video content for your organization. We offer our influence to help promote different destinations and products that may appeal to our audience. We also offer video production services for your organization. In short, we create videos in two categories - 1) S…
  • B2B mobility platform for ground and water transportation

    At wemovo, we are building the backbone for resource sharing in passenger ground transportation. Our B2B platform is revolutionizing the ground mobility by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move people from point A to point B – via long-distance busses, trains, ferries or mobility on-demand. Moreover combining all of them in what is called nowadays integrated mobility is one of our strength for the best resource optimization. By radically automating processes and designing a …
  • B2B Reseller

    For a B2B reseller/ whole seller/ GSA, QuadLabs offers a solution through which they can consolidate, distribute and manage their inventory, bookings, business processes, subagents, distributors. Through a single online platform a B2B reseller can manage distribution channels along with their own staff and branches.
  • B2C Retail Sale

    For an online travel agent or a holiday company, who do retail sales through their website(s), front desk and counter sales, QuadLabs offers a solution through which they can go online, consolidate and automate their business processes including booking process, managing the bookings, staff and branch management.

    ITB Networker von Bakuun.com LTD
  • Ahmed Badawy

    ITB Networker von Jood Palace Hotel, Dubai
    General Manager
    DMC Partners, Travel Agents-Inbound/Outbound, Group Travels Luxurious selection of Five-star Accommodation, Culinary Venues, Jood Spa, Recreation and Fitness Facilities as well as Conference and Event spaces.
  • Britta Badjie

    ITB Networker von AfricanWorld Touristic GmbH
  • Dr. med. Jochen Badouin

    ITB Networker von Intermed-Consult - Premium German Healthcare Services
    President and CEO
    Contacts within the community of Medical Tourism / Health Tourism / Wellness Tourism - Agencies / Travel agencies dealing with clients who seek top-quality treatment in Germany - Embassies / Countries sending their patients to Germany - Companies / Insurance companies sending their clients / employees to Germany - Private patients seeking for medical treatment, diagnostics & rehabilitation - Doctors, hospitals and other suitable institutions for cooperation IMC Intermed-Consult i…
  • General Manager Yasser BAHAA

    ITB Networker von Hotel Mercure Grand Seef
    Sportveranstaltungen Veranstalter F1. Reiseveranstalter, Großhändler und Reisebüros. Recruitment Unternehmen für Hotels

    ITB Networker von BOAT2GO
    Partnership with tour operators, travel agencies etc. Rentals of boats, single kayaks, double kayaks, innovative BIC brand kayaks, and SUPS in the fantastic scenario of Como Lake!
  • CEO Ilya Balakhnichev

    ITB Networker von Intui.travel transfer
    Cooperation mit OTA, Meta-Suche-Sites, Reisebüros, Herstellern vom Landverkehrservice fürs Anknüpfen der Kontakte für weitere Zusammenarbeit Ich schlage vor, eine Kapazität unserer GDS-Ausgangsbasis vom Landverkehr zu benutzen: Transferfahrten per API, Partnerprogramm für ein Reisebüro. Lösung für Bloggers und Web-Master. “Intui.travel-transfer" ist ein GDS -System mit : Partnerprogramm Basis für Hersteller vom Landverkehrservice B2C-System für Transferbestellungen 1) Partnerprogramm f…