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  • Sales/Marketing Manager Luka Martić

    ITB Networker von STENTOR
    Sales/Marketing Manager
    PR, Marketing und Kommunikation
    Long term partnerships High end quality translation and localisation services with native speakers for every language needed.
  • Igor Seler

    ITB Networker von JedanaestDevet Ltd. (HotelPhotographers)
    Photographer and videographer
    Berater, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation
    Does your hotel/resort need high-quality professional photographs or video for advertising and promotional material? We, HotelPhotographers have the staff, equipment, great knowledge and rich experience to offer these services which delivers effective results and engagement for your hospitality bussiness. We offer a new level of quality in the visual industry with the hopes of establishing a relationship with new clients. Our work is tailor-made to produce hotels PR&marketing photo and vid…