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  • Travel Blogger/Concierge Kerwin McKenzie

    ITB Networker von Cruisinaltitude.com, LLC
    Self-employed entrepreneur, partner, professions
    Ways to link your brand with my readers and provide value for all involved. airline-related travel tips primarily for airline employees. I also provide information for travel bloggers on blogging. Plus I cook Jamaican food with family and friends and blog about it.
  • Katie Warner

    ITB Networker von Only in VR
    360-degree Video Content Specialist
    Tourist Boards, tour companies, hotels, and other travel and tourism entities that are looking to get involved in this cutting edge technology in its early stages. Only in VR is in the business of producing 360-degree, immersive virtual reality (VR) content for travel and tourism clients. We will work with you to determine your exact VR needs, come to your location to shoot the footage, edit it, then produce it in forms so you can use it on your websites, on VR goggles, on Android or iPhones, o…