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    Travel Agency
    GATO, a registered travel agency in Malaysia from 2009 with a team of experienced professionals with resources, connection and skills can add value to your business. We work in partnership with your agency to design and deliver the best travel plan that is tailored to your tastes and budget to all fantastic destinations in Southeast Asia. Hotel, Resort, Transportation, Visa, Tour Guide, Tour.
  • Iain Ashmore

    ITB Networker von IA Photography
    Travel Photographer
    Blogger, PR, Marketing und Kommunikation, Presse
    I am lookng for partners wanting to use my photography skills, building their brand awareness through the use of imagery media. I am also interested in photography projects, creating images specifically for a product, destination or company. I am a travel photogrpaher, that has a passion for looking at places from a different perspective. I seek out new angles and vantages of area and objects, whilst still conveying the feeling of wanting to be there. I offer a very high level of travel p…
  • Benjamin ATLANI

    ITB Networker von WideWebVR.com
    CEO WideWebVR
    People aren’t convinced anymore by brochures or sales speeches, they more and more want to see before they buy,…Here, VR plays an amazing role as a convincing tool…But some people can’t travel at all, so they find a fantastic new way to visit the world with VR. What about using VR to show activities around, when tourists are being there ? Some destinations do that and it works. After a year and half of R&D and collaboration with the best labs and experts, we are launching a new online tool to e…
  • CEO Benjamin Atlani

    ITB Networker von Semply Digital
    CEO Semply Digital Agency
    Do your target France or french travellers ? As the CEO of Semply.Digital, leading agency on digital and social media marketing for the travel industry in France, I can help you growing your business in France with our unique tools and new approaches mixing up content and social media. Our services range from strategic advice to operational support : innovative content, inbound marketing, Social media, Native Ads, and influence marketing. Our clients references : German National Tourist Bo…
  • Availpro Smart Booking Engine

    Availpro Smart Booking Engine helps hoteliers to sell their rooms directly on the Website, their Facebook page and to convert easily internet users into direct customers. The hotel’s website is the most profitable sales channel and thanks to Availpro booking engine, hotels can turn their website into the most comprehensive and highest-yield shop window (price, information, etc.). The Smart Booking Engine automatically adapts to the customer’s online environment (Laptop, tablet, mobile dev…
  • Availpro Smart Channel Manager

    Smart Channel Manager by Availpro allows the hotels to manage their online distribution from a single planning. They can easily administer their distribution websites (IDS like Booking.com, Expedia, etc.), their GDS channel and their booking engines in real time. With the central inventory managed by the Smart Channel Manager, the hotel can then distribute their entire availability to all channels, with no risk of overbookings. As soon as a booking is made, the vendor website notifies Availpro…
  • Marko Ayling

    ITB Networker von Vagabrothers
    Producer & co-host
    We are looking for tourism boards and brands who wish to sponsor our upcoming season. We are currently planning episodes for Summer, Fall and Winter 2015. We also function as a production studio and can create made-to-order video content for your organization. We offer our influence to help promote different destinations and products that may appeal to our audience. We also offer video production services for your organization. In short, we create videos in two categories - 1) S…
  • Sisay Getachew Azage

    ITB Networker von Ethiopian Tourism Organization
    Director, Tourism Marketing
    Looking for Out bound tour operators and tourism media professionals Ethiopia as travel destination
  • B2B mobility platform for ground and water transportation

    At wemovo, we are building the backbone for resource sharing in passenger ground transportation. Our B2B platform is revolutionizing the ground mobility by making it easier, faster, and more cost-efficient to move people from point A to point B – via long-distance busses, trains, ferries or mobility on-demand. Moreover combining all of them in what is called nowadays integrated mobility is one of our strength for the best resource optimization. By radically automating processes and designing a …
  • B2B Reseller

    For a B2B reseller/ whole seller/ GSA, QuadLabs offers a solution through which they can consolidate, distribute and manage their inventory, bookings, business processes, subagents, distributors. Through a single online platform a B2B reseller can manage distribution channels along with their own staff and branches.
  • B2C Retail Sale

    For an online travel agent or a holiday company, who do retail sales through their website(s), front desk and counter sales, QuadLabs offers a solution through which they can go online, consolidate and automate their business processes including booking process, managing the bookings, staff and branch management.

    ITB Networker von Bakuun.com LTD