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Strada delle Castelline 42/D
43019 Soragna


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Hotel Management Tools

5stelle* is your Next Generation PMS.
5stelle* is Smart Freedom.

5stelle* is a NATIVE CLOUD management software for all types of hotels, which frees your time and increases your potential! 5stelle* contains everything you need for the administration and the front office, including: PMS (hotel, spa, meeting rooms, parking), fully integrated Booking Engine, full integration with OTA (with two-way Channel Management), CRM and Payment Gateway. Hoteliers can stay connected to the reception wherever they are, even with a tablet or smartphone. 5stelle* is sales-oriented. The hotel uses a single online sale instrument because planner, OTA, booking engine are managed from the same interface. 5stelle* is an open system linked with the most used hotel software. Work well, live better.

Mobile Touch Tools: Pocket PMS, HouseKeeping Mobile, POS Mobile

Features: Always on, quick and easy set-up, high scalability, hardware free, no license costs.

Some interfaced systems:
  • D-Edge
  • Hotel Spider
  • Site minder
  • Octorate
  • Travelclick
  • Reservit
  • Room cloud
  • Seekda
  • Simple Booking
  • Vertical Booking
  • Wubook
  • Snapshot
  • TripAdvisor Review Express

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