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ITB Berlin 2020


Andriivskyi descent, 11


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Best quality for best impressions

CHERNOBYL TOUR® it's a team of professionals proficient in the fields of Chernobyl accident, ecology and tourism. The project goal is to liquidate an "information contamination” in the society as a result of the ChNPP accident; to organize lectures and trainings for both novices and professionals right on the spot of the accident; to teach radiation and survival skills in condition of anthropogenic catastrophes.
Since its foundation in 2008, CHERNOBYL TOUR® (a licensed tour operator) has become a brand which embodies quality and professionalism, attentive client service, and easy-to-get information presentation.

In our trips you will learn the facts about the Chernobyl catastrophe and about other radiation catastrophes and accidents. Moreover, these facts will be correctly interpreted for you by experts, and you will learn about the real effects of radiation and the disaster.

For your trip you can rent an individual dosimeter to carry with you. This accurate, precise, reliable and convenient instrument will provide you with an on-going reading of radiation level and dose, will give an immediate feeling of an invisible radioactive landscape, in which you will be traveling, and warn you about the increase of radiation. The device will become one more organ of your senses, and you will develop a specific 'feeling of radiation environment', the one you can get only in the Chernobyl Zone.

We will also provide you with a map of the area and a scheme of the trip. It will help you to find a way in the avalanche of your impressions, store them in your mind, and eventually form an integral picture of the contemporary Zone and the catastrophe. For years to come, these map and scheme will remind you about your trip to the Chernobyl Zone, and help you relate your experiences from the Chernobyl zone to your dearest and nearest.