Ghana Tourism Authority


No. 2, Haile Selassie St, Ridge
Accra, Greater Accra

ITB Berlin 2019

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The Ghana Tourism Authority(GTA ) was established by ACT 817,2011 as the main governmental agency with responsibility for the promotion of the sustainable development of the tourism industry , both locally and internationally.
The Authority's functions include:
  • Regulation of tourism enterprises namely accommodation, catering , travel and tour and charter operations through registration,inspection, licensing and classification.
  • Promotion and Marketing of tourism both in Ghana and abroad, including the publication of tourism publicity and promotion materials and participation in fairs and exhibitions and organisation of special events.
  • Carrying out research and studies on trends in the tourism industry industry both at home and abroad to aid decision and policy making.
  • Facilitation of the development of tourist facilities and products.
  • Facilitating human resource development in the tourism industry for both the public and private sectors.
  • Adminstering the one percent tourism levy on all tourism products.
The Authority has an added responsibility of taking appropriate measures for the safety and security of consumers of Ghana's tourism products.
To make Ghana a leading tourism destination in Africa by developing and promoting sustainble tourism.
To conserve and preserve the natural and cultural heritage as well asprovide socio - economic benefits in partnership with the private the private sector through the creation of uniquely Ghanaian tourism facilities and services with a highly qualified well trained, motivated and dedicated staff to make the tourism industry the leading sector of the economy.
A Key strength of Ghana's tourism appeal is the overall diversity of resources. These include the UNESCO designated World Heritage sites - forts and castles , Asante traditional buildings, other traditional architecture, the extensive protected areas within Ghana and the diversity of resources that they contain,the depth and significance of cultural traditions within the country, together with the accessibility to engage with and the general friendliness of Ghanaian people.
Ghana is endowed with a wide range of natural, cultural and historical attractions .
Natural Heritage
National Parks and Reserves, Animal Sanctuaries,Beaches,Lakes, Rivers,Mountains, Waterfalls and general scenic beauty.
Historical Heritage
Coastal forts and castles. The iconic Capecoast Castle and St George's Castle at Elimina which are both recognised by World Heritage Monuments of Unesco. The traditional buildings of Ashanti,Ancient Mosque, Archaeological sites.
Cultural Heritage
the focus here is on the cultural patterns of the country ,both traditional and contemporary. eg Festivals, funerals, traditional and contemporary arts, music and dance etc.
Other Types OF attractions
Theatres,Libraries, Museums, Sports and recreation,Mines, Factories and plantaions, Special Programmes,Theme Parks , MICE Tourism etc.
Ghana food is an interesting experience for visitors. Once visitors have experienced the relaxed and joyful atmosphere of Ghana, they will want to return.
Tourism Investment Opportunities
Measures have been put in place for increased tourism and investment in hotels and leisure resorts throughout the length and breadth of the country.There are a wide range of investments to enhance the viability of new as well as exting investments.
Areas are - Food Chains , Casino parks,Villages,African Theme Parks and Community - Based Ecotourism Projects.
Ghana's wealth of resources, democratic political system and dynamic economy makes it undoubtedly one of African's leading lights.

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