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  • Camila Anino

    Contact person of Music Tourism Convention
    Marketing & Sponsorship Manager
    ITB Berlin 2020
  • Benjamin Bachar

    ITB Networker of Hotel Osterfeld GmbH
    Vice Director
    Reiseveranstalter, Firmenreisebüros, nationale und internationale Busreiseunternehmen, Kontakte zu Incoming Agenturen 4-stars Hotel with 145 rooms in the most northern wine region in Germany. Perfect located for stop-overs in all directions
  • Burkhart Basler

    ITB Networker of WorldHotels / BWH Hotel Group
    Regional Senir Key Account Manager Central Europe
    Director, Sales
    We are looking forward for you, a unique traveller who wants to experience outstanding and excellent hotel stays. If you are looking forward for individual new properties and unique hotels, simply become a raving fan with WorldHotels! WorldHotels Collection offers more than 300 independent and authentic properties in over 50 countries worldwide. Enjoy high class and luxury properties in over 250 business destinations, as well luxury resorts for your unique travel experience
  • Petra Becker

    ITB Networker of Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts
    Marketing & Sales Manager
  • Laura Bellenberg

    ITB Networker of Duisburg Kontor GmbH
    Projektmanagerin Tourismus & Convention
    Project Manager
    ...spannende Messekontakte, vor allem Geschäftsreisebüros und -veranstalter, Agenturen, Verbände und Unternehmen, die auf der Suche nach ausgefallenen Veranstultungsorten sind. ...maßgeschneiderte Angebote und kompetente Beratung rund um die Themen Tagungen, Kongresse, Incentives und Events in Duisburg. Wir agieren als Convention Bureau und damit als zentraler Ansprechpartner für die Stadt Duisburg im Bereich MICE.
  • Sonja Bischof

    ITB Networker of Reservix GmbH
    Vertrieb Mitteldeutschland
  • Hans-Harry Bittner

    ITB Networker of Bittner International Training
    Operations Training
    Consultant, Director, Professor / Lecturer / Teacher
    Global Contract Partner Service Supplier Trainer Consultants F & B Training and Consulting Housekeeping Training and Consulting Revenue Management Customer Journey Customer Satisfaction Service Training Organisational Development Change Management Mystery Guesting HR Development Innovation Management Networking Training Consulting Knowledge Base Training Know How Open Partnership Knowledge Exchange Appreciation and Curiosity
  • Dr. Jasper Broeker

    ITB Networker of SR Travel GmbH & Co. KG
  • Pascal Clemens

    ITB Networker
    Founder / owner
    Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer
    4 & 5 Star Hotels, Travel Operators, Incoming Agencies, DMC, Cruiseship operators, Luxury Hotels & Villas, Investors (excellent growth opportunity, high ROI) Multi Level Income Model You compete online with 100 other companies for the same customers on the same portals. Image Videos and photo galleries are like one egg to another. A Virtualpro360 ° tour solution improves your capacity utilization, increases your sales, at the same time lowers your marketing costs and quickly pays for itself. Th…
  • Jan Bertil Dahms

    ITB Networker of Trippus event solutions AB
    Senior Vice President
    Consultant, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Executive Officer, Sales
    Contacts to Head of Marketing Head of Event management We offer event management service (SaaS) for event, shows, fairs and exhibitions You find us in Hall 9 booth 123 (Europcar)
  • Susanne DAUL

    ITB Networker
  • Jasper De Swert

    ITB Networker of FourSide Hotels
    Sales Manager MICE
    MICE Contacts & Business FourSide Hotels & Meetings locations in Germany and Austria NinetyNine Hotels, Boutique Hotels and Centro Hotels, +80 locations in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands