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  • Hans-Harry Bittner

    ITB Networker of Bittner International Training
    Operations Training
    Consultant, Director, Professor / Lecturer / Teacher
    Global Contract Partner Service Supplier Trainer Consultants F & B Training and Consulting Housekeeping Training and Consulting Revenue Management Customer Journey Customer Satisfaction Service Training Organisational Development Change Management Mystery Guesting HR Development Innovation Management Networking Training Consulting Knowledge Base Training Know How Open Partnership Knowledge Exchange Appreciation and Curiosity
  • Patrick Muntzinger

    ITB Networker of German Backpacker Travel Blog
    Travel Blogger & Content Creator
    Blogger, Media
    Since its launch in fall 2017, the bilingual travel blog germanbackpacker.com founded by Patrick Muntzinger quickly grew to one of Germany’s leading adventure travel blogs, attracting over +100,000 readers and followers from Germany and beyond. I already worked successfully on media campaigns with a variety of tourism boards from all over the world and I’m excited to meet you at ITB!