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  • CEO Vergis Mathews

    Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration with industry players specifically those doing Eco Tourism. Tour Packages that advocate responsible excursion to natural areas that conserves the environment and enhance the well being of the local peace.
  • Steve Ng

    Contact person of Travelsmart Vacation Sdn Bhd
    Marketing Director
  • Assistant Manager Pauline Yoon

    Contact person of Penang Global Tourism
    Assistant Manager
    PR, Marketing and Communication
    This wonderful state in Malaysia is situated on the northwest coast of the Malaysian Peninsula and is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. A perfect blend of East and West, Penang has accepted modernity gracefully while maintaining the heritage and tradition. From awe-inspiring architecture, non-stop shopping, and mouth-watering cuisine, Penang is an authentic taste of the real Asia, where laid-back charm is woven into a tapestry of culture, heritage and natural beauty. Penang has it …